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Booking Interpreters

Whether you are contracting with an interpreter who operates an independent business or with a referral agency, securing interpreting services is a business transaction. There are a number of factors and terms that need to be discussed and negotiated.

The following factors will help an Interpreter determine if they are qualified for the assignment:

  • the nature of the appointment
  • availability of adequate preparation materials (information related to the appointment that will help the interpreter prepare)
  • identities of the individuals involved
  • composition of the interpreting team
  • the need for related professionals - Deaf Interpreter, Deaf Advocate

If the ASL-English Interpreter deems themselves to be qualified, the following terms will need to be confirmed:

  • date, time and location of the appointment
  • fees
  • payment for time preparing for the appointment
  • payment for travel expenses/travel time
  • cancellation policy

How does an Interpreter Prepare for Work?

This video will give you a better understanding of what an interpreter needs in order to be prepared for your appointment. Booking an interpreter is only the first step. For an accurate interpretation, it is helpful to have some background. Click on CC for closed captioning. 

In some circumstances, it may be useful to have a signed service agreement outlining mutually agreed upon terms. In other circumstances, emails clearly laying out terms prior to confirming the booking may be sufficient. Many interpreters work as independent contractors. For this reason, there are variations among business practices.

Because of the increasing demand for ASL-English interpreters, Deaf Interpreters, and LSQ-French interpreters, the availability of many interpreters fills up very quickly. For this reason, OASLI suggests that you contact and secure an Interpreter a minimum of 2-3 weeks ahead of the appointment.

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Who is Responsible for Booking an Interpreter?

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