How to Become an Interpreter

Interpreting is a wonderful and rewarding profession. 

If you are interested in becoming an ASL-English Interpreter, there are five ASL-English Interpreting Programs (AEIPs) offered in Canada. In Ontario, George Brown College now offers a four year Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (American Sign Language – English) degree program.

ASL-English Interpreting Programs offered in Canada:

Deaf Interpreter

French-LSQ Interpreter Training Program

If you are interested in becoming an LSQ-French Interpreter, there is a program offered in Montreal, Quebec.

To apply to a program, contact the program in which you are interested. Each program can provide you with the pre-requisites for admission. See AVLIC's reccomendatons for choosing an Interpreter Education Program (AIEP)

If you are looking for an OASLI Interpreter, please visit the OASLI Members' Directory of Interpreters